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We are now forced to embrace a new paradyme when it comes to where we work and how we work. Remote working has been going on since the latter part of the 20th Century.  COVID-19 has completely changed how work will be done in the future.  Now there will always be jobs where you physically need to go to the job site, but more jobs will be done while at home with flexable schedules.

Future generations in the workplace will adjust easily to the new way of doing business.  Trends were already taking place if you listen to statistics on Cyber Monday.

All potential employees can register with temp agencies and watch their boards for job openings so they can register and pay for the training.  Once the training is complete then all you have to do is log into the company mainframe to work.

This also opens to doors to create new positions and opportunities for entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurs hire me to recession-proof their business and increase their bottom line by assisting them to build an E-Commerce store to establish multiple streams of income because they are intimidated when it comes to incorporating technology into their business, they fear losing a sustainable income, and they don't know how to incorporate social media into their marketing plan. Bottom line, I can help you launch, grow, and expand a home-based business.


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