Work From Home as a Tech Support Representative

The Past

The future

Tech Support Representative

Do your friends often turn to you for assistance with their cell phones, computers, and video game systems? Then you are clearly a whiz at navigating—and explaining—technology. Tech support representatives help customers find and use the right product for their needs (laptop or desktop?) via phone, e-mail, and online chats. Most support pros log 20 hours or more each week, much of the time on weekends.


What you’ll need: Patience to deal with frustrated consumers who want to toss their new devices out the window is important, as is the ability to explain solutions to customers’ problems. Hiring firms often provide training. Apple’s at-home advisers, for instance, take a four- to six-week online class.


Find work: Scan the websites of computer manufacturers such as Apple and Dell. Consider signing on with a customer management company, like Cloud 10 or Convergys. Such companies help businesses handle their customer-support issues.


Expect to earn: $11 to $21 per hour

These Days Are Gone Forever

In the past companies hired employees to work in the phone rooms as customer service tech support representatives. Towards the end of the 20th century, all this changed. Corporations, to cut their overhead and expenses, began to outsource these positions. Today, companies outsource these positions to temp agencies. These temp agencies hire employees to work from home for companies like Amazon, Apple, or Comcast.

When you are hired to work for the temp agency, they will do all the training for the company and you pay for the training. Once the training is completed then all you have to do is let the company know what hours and days you want to work. On those days, you log into their mainframe, while the company reroutes all the calls through the computer to your home. This trend has been going on for the last 10 years.

Instead of going through a temp agency, you can set yourself up as a customer service tech support representative from your home. Contact small independent companies and offer your services as their tech support representative. Have the owner of the company educate you on their product so you can answer any questions that customers have. Then get a dedicated 800 phone number for the company to promote their customer service line. Let the owner know what hours and days you are available to answer that customer service line.

Large corporations will use temp agencies, but a small business would not. There are many solopreneurs or entrepreneurs, who work from home themselves, who would gladly farm out this task to an independent tech support representative.



Value of Customer Service

When you look at the infographic above, you notice that customer service is the most valuable product a company can offer.

Companies have lost 82% of their business because of poor customer service. A customer’s buying experience is based on 70% of the treatment of the salespeople in the office. In 2017, 89% of the marketing experience will be the basis for competition between companies.

It will be your job as a tech support representative to be the front line for the company and offer the best customer service and tech support for any problems the company’s customers have.