Coaching for Entrepreneurs: How Life Coaching Can Help Entrepreneurs Improve Their Bottom Line

I’ve decided to review this book since I’m one of the authors of this book.  I’m a paid member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches–as one of the perks you can choose to be a part of this book for a nominal fee.  I chose to review this book because more and more individuals are starting their own business and are uncertain how to get started.

The co-authors of this book are all members of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. Each co-author has written a chapter about how their coaching helps entrepreneurs, and includes examples of breakthroughs, transformations, results, techniques, and methods that their clients have experienced through coaching to increase their success and revenue.

There are 10 chapters each submitted by a different author

  1. 10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need coaches by Jeanette Koczela
  2. Coaches Help Entrepreneurs Improve their Bottom Line by Don Morgan, PhD
  3. Mastering The Inner You for Kick-ass Business Success by Tresa Lefeenant
  4. Growing With Your Business by Boni Oian
  5. Leveraging Your Most Personal Asset: Your Own Personal Board of Directors by Debra Jane Wells
  6. Moving Forward On Your Terms by Ida Crawford
  7. Starting Your Own business On a Shoestring Budget: How a Coach can Make a Difference? by Davida Shensky
  8. The NLP Coaching for Addictions Program by Janice Walton
  9. The Power of Clarity- 7 Steps to Transforming Your Business into a Profit Center by EG Sebastian
  10. Brilliantly:Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential by Katherine HartvicksonEach chapter has gems of wisdom for all business owners and you will gain insights, learn new techniques, and see how coaching can actually help an entrepreneur in their business. Most entrepreneurs know that a business coach can help their business, but they would not automatically think to higher a life coach to help their business. Your business is part of your life in your life absolutely affects your business..

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