Game Loot Network Has Become Nothing More than a Scam

Logo of Game Loot Network

Product: Game Loot Network
Price: $124.95/month
Scam or Not: Scam
Overall Ranking: 1/10

My purpose in reviewing this company, is to make people aware that this company was around for 18 months longer than they say they have been around; and to make people aware that this company is on the brink of failure and is trying to get as much money as it possibly can before they close the doors.  I have been with this company since it has been in prelaunch when it started back in April, 2015. I was there from the beginning when the purpose of the software platform was all about the mobile gaming industry with a simple plan for distributors; and watched the concept and pay plan change to entice leaders from other MLM companies because they weren’t growing at the pace they wanted to.

This company was founded by Lance Baker based on a book he wrote about the mobile gaming industry and the premise that this is a billion dollar industry that he wanted to tap into, with the concept of sharing the profits with those who helped him build the company. While they were in prelaunch, they offered founder positions to distributors with the promise that founders would share in revenue from advertising dollars generated by free gamer’s who would have to watch the advertising to play games for free, along with some other parks.  Once the preset number of founders was reached, they then offered positions for beta tester founders that would share in a different pool of advertising dollars generated. The concept and purpose of the platform in the beginning was to offer an opportunity to people who love to play mobile games on their smartphones, the opportunity to play games and earn extra income.  Along the way, Lance Baker brought people into the company who took the company into another direction. Distributors earned money when members who were in their downline purchased tokens to play games.


Here is an example of one of the games on that platform— the game is called Frozen Treat Frenzy—It’s a takeoff on Candy Crush or a match three game like Bejeweled. Because those were popular games they expected to have large numbers of people playing the game whom would purchase tokens to take part in tournaments. There were always glitches in the game and only a few people downloaded the game from the platform. It never reached expectations of 1 million or more downloads, like Candy Crush or Bejeweled.

In January 2016, the company brought on board Christopher Hussey, who was to take the company to the next level. He totally revamped the pay plan and increase the investment made by distributors, to lure top leaders from other multilevel marketing companies into Game Loot Network. Upon changing the play plan, they enticed many MLM leaders with their teams already in place into the company; but they also at the same time were no longer in SEC compliance. This means that at any time that SEC decides to take a look at the practices of this company, they can shut it down.  to comply with SEC guidelines the company should have 2-3 times more people on the platform who are there to play the game vs distributors who market the income opportunity.

At this point, the management team and owner of the company are looking to get as much money as they can from around the world, by luring unsuspecting distributors into the company by promising them millions of dollars of potential income, while at the same time planning to take the money and run.  As you can see this is the levels you can reach and expected monthly income which was created to entice network marketers from other MLM companies who have ready made teams that they can bring into the company.  If you’re a novice in MLM or not a good recruiter it will take you years to achieve the upper levels.  Under this plan there are no rewards for people who just want to join and play the games on this platform, but if you take part in the tournaments you can go to the rewards center and choose products that are purchased from Amazon.

The price of $124.95 to be a Game Ambassador is broken down into 2 parts—$100.00 for a token package of 500 tokens and $24.95 to access the marketing arcade to market your opportunity—to qualify to earn income you must purchase the whole package as a Game Ambassador.



I have had a front row seat with this company. I became involved with it while it was in prelaunch back in April, 2015. I bought into the beta founder position by purchasing 2500 tokens for $500.00. I never received any of the perks promised to the founders; and once the pay plan changed, I found that they no longer acknowledged the founder positions even existed, plus, whenever I communicated with the company asking them about the founder positions, they ignored me and never responded to me. It has been recommended, to me and other founders that the only way to get restitution is to contact a lawyer and sue the company.  I consider this the last resort—-we tried contacting the company first about our concerns and they never responded to us.   Even though the company has been in existence for 2 years–to listen to Christopher Hussey on conference calls you would think the company didn’t exist until he came on board a year ago and that its been in existence 6 months