The Science Behind Making Your Content Go Viral?

Having Content Go Viral is Your Goal

What do you need to know about making your marketing campaign go viral:

Individuals on social media share various types of content

72% News

66% Humor

39,5% Opinion

34% How-tos

17% Warnings/Alerts

15% who view the shared content enjoy it more themselves

When using interactive content it increases the probability of it going viral—ex. videos, quizzes, surveys

Talking about making content go viral is easy, the hardest part is making it happen. To make it happen you need to do research on why people share content

All in the Mind

To increase the chances of your content going viral you have yo actively put those theories into practice.

Novelty Search

The brain often reacts more when something is different than when it’s familiar.

When you look at Facebook the content that goes more viral are reported on the latest research findings from scientific studies

Information Gap Theory

When people find there is a gap between what they know and what they don’t know they’ll go to great lengths to find the information. Your job should be to fill in those gaps for your readers to help them satisfy their curiosity. That’s what leads to increased traffic to your site.

Why We Share Certain Things

When you know your audience then you can put together an effective marketing plan. The top 10 reasons people share content:

  1. To connect with someone over a shared interest
  2. To promote products they believe can be useful to someone else
  3. A current trend or event
  4. Being the first to tell a friend about an event or product
  5. To share something about themselves
  6. To socialize with friends offline
  7. To promote a good cause
  8. To demonstrate your knowledge or authority on a subject
  9. To start an online conversation
  10. To gain opinions from friends

What Triggers Things Going Viral











Positive emotions are more likely to make your content go viral along with nostalgia and disgust()

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I often wondered how content goes viral. I came to the conclusion that we all share a certain gene that likes to be entertained and awed. However, this article has made it clearer to me. Thanks!

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