Social Media Players: How They’ve Influenced Social Media Marketing Over the Years

Social Media Players have influenced marketing on the Internet and their influence is only going to grow in the future. Internet Marketing online will be an essential part of any new companies online marketing plan.


revolutionized how people around the world digitally connect with each other. now 55% of members outside the USA.

Instagram–2010 in social media.

because their emphasis is on photography they popularized the use of pictures. the platform has added video and streaming


Beloved by Pres. Trump, twitter is 140 character messages that have become a megaphone for breaking news, snarky comments, and on filtered emotional outbursts.


Known for its disappearing messages, Snapchat introduced the concept of using a phone’s camera, rather than its keyboard, to share personal ideas.


Particularly popular among women, Pinterest allows users to collect, organize and share photos and other images that they find them around the web.


Tumblr is a breeding ground for viral memes like the dress which stopped the Internet in 2015 but it’s popularly has languished since Yahoo acquired it in 2013


Aimed at networkers, employers and college students, LinkedIn showcases use resumes and helps them find and connect with other professionals

Days of the Week Service Used

Percentage of US Internet users who access the service weekly

Monday– 70%
Tuesday– 32%
Wednesday– 30%
Thursday– 25%
Friday– 25%
Saturday– 18%
Sunday– 17%

Percentage of users on the service aged 18 to 34
Monday— 36%
Tuesday– 46%
Wednesday– 40%
Thursday– 53%
Friday– 38%
Saturday– 50%
Sunday– 36%

As you can see, social media is more popular among the Millennial’s than any other age group, because they grew up using computers and digital technology.

What the Social Media Players Have in Common

The common thread that runs through all these different social media platforms, is that you can connect with people all around the world. This is what has made us a truly global environment when it comes to employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. This is a phenomenon of the 21st century. In the past, we did business either locally or with in our own country, but we did little business outside our borders. Today, you have the opportunity to interact with people around the world and learn about different cultures and what makes them unique.


Due to this phenomenon, you don’t have to relocate your family to work for a company. All you have to do is have an Internet connection and log into the company’s mainframe to work. This has led to less stress on the family. In the past when a family member got a new job with the company in a different city, the whole family had to pack up and relocate. This also meant that a spouse also had to resign from their job and find gainful employment in the new city where they worked.

Several years ago, I met a couple that relocated to Atlanta, Georgia because his wife got a new job. He worked for a company in IT, therefore, he could continue to work for the company remotely from home.

LinkedIn has also contributed entrepreneurs to build their business by working with clients they meet online, virtually. There are many platforms such as Zoom, where you can run virtual meetings and record the sessions for later use. This social media player, will only grow and influence when it comes to professional connections and building business in the future.

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