Video Marketing Strategies to Build Your Business in the 21st Century

Engage Your Target Audience

81% of people feature their video on their brand website

300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute

80% of Internet users recall watching a video in the past 30 days

46% took some action after viewing the ad

4.6 billion ads are watched online each year

Online video ads received 18.3 more viewers attention than tv commercials

85% of the US population has watched a YouTube video

65% watch 1 video per week

90% of online video watchers are between the ages of 18-44

viewers who view videos stay on websites an average of two minutes longer than those who don’t

59% of viewers watch a video that is less than 1 minute long

Video Marketing Statistics

7 in 10 marketing professionals are marketing video for CEO

70% of marketing professionals report video converts better than any other medium

Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%

The average Internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video

65% of execs have visited a vendors site after watching a video

39% of them have called a vendor after watching a video

Mobile Video Statistics

92% of mobile users share videos with others

Video accounted for 55% of mobile data usage at the end of 2014

By 2018 half the world’s users will have a smartphone

80% of Internet users primarily use a smartphone to search the web

47% use a tablet

Mobile makes up almost 40% of the global watch time on YouTube

What This All Means to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has expanded and matured with technology which has increased the ability to use video and advertising on the Internet. Generation Z is the digital generation because they were born when digital technology was being perfected. Their parents allowed them to have a smartphone from the time they were young. Both the Millennials and Generation Z get their entertainment in alternative methods rather than just on a television set.

This is why the statistics above on video marketing are where they are now and will continue to increase in the future!

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