Work From Home: As An Affiliate Blogger Promoting Products

Affiliate Bloggers

If you have a blog that attracts numerous visitors, many companies will pay you (or give you merchandise as an affiliate blogger) to run advertisements that link to their websites.

What you bring to the table: An audience that has a connection with the potential affiliate. If your blog centers on parenting issues, it’s a perfect match for companies selling children’s clothing or toys, for example.


Expect to earn: The pay scale depends on the number of hits the ads on your site generate, often between $10 and $50 per 1,000 hits.

Writers Are Bloggers

In the past, Journalists wrote revies on products for media, ie newspapers or magazines.  Today, they’re known as bloggers on the Internet.  New companies open their doors every day with affiliate programs and they’re looking for bloggers to join and help promote their company by writing about them.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in promoting a business on the Internet is a must.  A company can hire a blogger to work for them internally or outsource the work to Independent Blogger.  When a company outsources the work they go on sites like, iWriter,  and  write the article you bid on.

On IWriter companies post jobs they have available and you can pick which ones fit your background and write the article to submit, then it’s up to the company to accept or reject the article.  As a beginner, you can only choose the lower prices jobs.  The more articles you write that get approved, then you can start bidding on the article that pays out more money.  On Guru and Up Work you join their platform and then bid on projects that are available and then wait to see if you’re chosen to write the articles.  Once your article is approved they pay you through Paypal.




Amazon Bloggers

Amazon has books that they sell on their sites and when you purchase a book, Amazon asks you to review the book on their site.  In addition, if you are an affiliate with Amazon, you can also write reviews of products that you sell on your website through Amazon and earn commission on sales.  Affiliate Blogging is a growing industry, and affiliate bloggers will be in demand in the next few years.  When you write reviews of products on Amazon, you are an affiliate blogger.


Why Choose the Wealth Affiliate Opportunity

If you are new to blogging, building websites, and marketing by joining Wealthy Affiliate, yo can learn the skills.  There are 5 levels of certification, which includes exercises to teach you to blog and build a website.  After completing the certification program, you can also take their Affiliate Bootcamp training, which teaches you to market on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  In addition, their training teaches you to use Google tools like Analytics to monitor traffic on your websites.  You can join the platform for free to try it for a week.  If you decide to become a premium member, the cost is $49.00/mo. They also offer an affiliate program so you earn commission from people you refer to the site who upgrade to a premium membership.

As a member, you are encouraged to post a blog a day.  After 3 months as a premium member, you can post as many as 3 blogs a day.  You also learn about affiliate marketing and affiliate blogging.