Work From Home Opportunities—Online Content Writers


Companies often don’t have the staff to create content for their websites, so they outsource the job to freelancers. With new sites springing up every day, writers are in huge demand.


What you bring to the table: A talent for expressing yourself concisely, putting an idea into words and meeting deadlines reliably. Companies often want content pertaining to a specific field of expertise, so it helps to sell yourself in your areas of strength.


Expect to earn: There is a vast range of pay for writing Web content, from nothing up to hundreds of dollars per assignment. The median pay for a full-time content writer is $35,200. You can earn as much as $66,000.


How to get started: There are many sites you can go to where companies advertise for content writers.  The problem is you just don’t know how reputable some of these companies are.  There are some companies that advertise for content writers, who are registered as a content writer on iWriter( which allows them to hire and farm out writing articles), that will send work your way and not pay you.


You will often find that companies pay as little as $.05/word with an article being at least 300 words.  The number of words the ask for can vary from 300-2000 words depending on what the article will be used for.

Helpful Tips and Short Stories

Print and online magazines are constantly looking for new content writers to submit short stories, poems and even jokes. Here are just a few publications that pay for submissions. Payment is made only if your tip or story is published.

Do you want to write for magazines?


Blog Writing

Writing blog posts is a quick and easy way to earn money and gain exposure, as numerous sites will allow a short bio with a link back to your website.

Freelance Writing Platforms

There are many opportunities for content writers (article writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, grant writing, e-books, or technical) when you join the following platforms. Simply search the job postings and submit a bid. If your bid is accepted, you complete the work and get paid through the platform. These platforms are where companies post their job opportunities, but they don’t want to pay a lot of money to freelancers.