Work From Home: As a Social Media Marketing Consultant


Not only has social media changed how friends engage, it has transformed the way businesses reach customers and build brand loyalty. Companies need people for whom Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and Twitter are second nature. Sound like you?

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What you’ll need to know: Your experience in communications, journalism, public relations or marketing gives you a leg up. What’s most important is a facility with social media so that you can communicate with consumers to build brand awareness and drive traffic to a company’s website, tweet about special deals and keep a company’s Facebook page current. For $25 per month, you can access courses in social media marketing at


How to get started: Show potential bosses your Web skills by including links to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account on your resumé. Maintain active, creative social accounts. If there is a cause you support, highlight it on your Facebook page and Twitter feed. Show how you created links to relevant stories and gained followers. Submit your resumé to sites such as and


As An Expect you have the potential to earn: $10 to $25 per hour. But some pros get as much as $75.



Facebook Marketing

On Facebook, your social media marketing strategy is to post articles and information that your friends will like.  This means that they take the time to hit the like button. The more likes you have will affect your ranking within Facebook also.  Since Facebook went public and started selling shares, they depend on revenue generated from advertising to boost the value of a share.  To members on Facebook, that means they frown letting you advertise for free.  Therefore, if you write articles that you post on Facebook with links embedded in them you’re not going to have any problems on Facebook, as long as it’s on your own personal or fan page.  But, if you go into groups and post links to promote your affiliate groups within groups that you’re a member of you have the potential to be banned from promoting anything on Facebook for a minimum of 21 days.


what’s your marketing strategy question

Marketing Strategy

When you think about your marketing strategy on the Internet, consider outsourcing your work to a Virtual Assistant. Unless you’re an expert on the topic and love promoting your work on social media, it’s better to manage your time more effectively.  Spending your time more effectively means doing activities that earn you money.  Therefore, learn to delegate or outsource work to a virtual assistant, so you’re not overloaded and stressed out.